Like so many others, I am struggling to process the riotous attack at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. We condemn this violent insurrection by armed domestic terrorists which was fueled by false and baseless election-related claims from the outgoing President and his Republican allies. 
These actions were a clear juxtaposition from the historic display of democracy at work in the Georgia Senate race, where we witnessed the state’s first Black Senator and first Jewish Senator elected to office.
Our children are watching and now, more than ever, we must use our powers through education and advocacy to fight hatred and demolish the racist, systemic inequalities that plague them and their families. 
We owe it to them.
I am thankful to our campus leaders and staff for their empathy during Thursday’s virtual classes. Many allowed students to process and safely discuss the horrific images they witnessed.  
Our Capitol Hill school counselor, Ms. Brathwaite compiled some resources for any of our parents to navigate the tough discussions to be held in the coming days. 
We will continue to monitor these unimaginable events and offer support to our or families and staff. 
Wishing everyone a safe and quiet weekend.  

Yours in Character, Excellence, and Service, 
Russ Williams
President and CEO