Before & After Care

Extended Day Programs

Before and after care is for children in PreK through 8th grades. Applications for school year 2018-19 will be available in June 2018.

Before Care

Center City PCS’s before care program is a fee-based, structured morning intervention academy. Before care operates Monday-Friday with a start time of 7:00AM. Students can be dropped off anytime between 7:00-7:30AM. The 7:30AM cut-off ensures that all participants will receive at least 30 minutes of academic programming including homework help, morning energizers, and time to utilize our online interventions.

After Care

The fee-based after-care program operates from 4:00-6:00PM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and from 1:30-6:00PM on Wednesdays. Students will have an opportunity to complete homework as well as play games, and participate in outdoor activities (weather permitting).  Students will have a minimum of 120 minutes of dedicated homework time per week during the program.

Please use the forms below to make changes to your student’s extended day participation.

After Care Change of Services form

Before Care & After Care Cancellation Form

EZ Child Track

EZ Child Track is our new online software for enrolling in before/after care; making payments; and changing services. We will no longer process payments via Tuition Express.  All families, both new and returning, must create a new online account in EZ Child Track to enroll. All invoicing and payments will be handled through this system.

To begin the registration process for school year 2017-18, click here.

Before Care/After Care FAQ’s

What are the hours/days of operation?
Before care operates Monday through Friday from 7:00-8:30AM. Students may be dropped off anytime between 7:00-7:30AM. Students may NOT be dropped off or left outside the building earlier than 7:00AM. Doing so may result in a report to Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) or dismissal from before-care. Students who arrive to before-care after 7:30AM will not be admitted into the program, therefore, it is the responsibility of the parent to make alternate morning care arrangements for their child if they miss the 7:30AM cut off. After care operates Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 4:00- 6:00PM and on Wednesdays from 1:30-6:00PM.

What happens if I cannot pick up my child from after care by 6:00PM?
Families who do not pick up their child from after care by 6:00PM will be charged $2/per minute/child for every minute after 6:00PM that their child remains in after-care. This rule will be strictly enforced. Failure to pay all late pickup fees during the billing cycle they were incurred will result in your child’s dismissal from the program until payment is made. Pick-ups after 6:15PM may result in a report to Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA), and after a 3rd late pick-up, your child may be dismissed from the program until the subsequent school year.

Why is homework time only 30-60 minutes per day?
We believe that homework completion should be a shared effort between before/after care staff and parents. Typically, students in grades PK-2nd receive 15 to 30 minutes of homework assigned to them daily, and 3rd-6th grade students typically receive 30 to 75 minutes of homework assigned to them daily. Most students are able to complete at least half of their homework during the 30 to 60 minutes of homework time during the program.

When is the monthly fee for before/after care programs due?
Payment for each program is due on the 16th of every month. Failure to submit payment on time will result in suspension of services until a payment is made or your child losing their spot in the program to a family on our waitlist. No refunds or credits will be issued if the child cannot participate in the program during the month including, but not limited to, non-participation for absences, discipline, or withdrawal.

If a child who is not participating due to non-payment arrives at before care, CFSA will be called. If a child who is not participating due to non-payment arrives at after care, the student will be sent to the school office and CFSA will be called if the student is not picked up within 30 minutes.

What is the cost for before/after care?
Pricing for all programs will be available upon registration. Please check with your campus Operations Manager for an updated fee schedule.

Is there a sibling discount for programming?
If your child attends an extended day program full time (Monday-Friday), a twenty percent (20%) discount is offered for each additional child from your immediate family who enrolls in a full time program.

What forms of payment are accepted for Center City PCS Extended Day programs?
Center City PCS accepts all major credit cards via EZ Child Track. No cash, checks, money orders or cashier checks are accepted under any circumstances.

Does Center City PCS accept child care subsidy vouchers as payment for extended day programs?
No. Center City PCS currently subsidizes the program for all families ourselves, which is reflected in our pricing.

Can my student register for Extended Day programs only on certain days?
You may elect for your child to attend after care only on Wednesday. Otherwise, registration is for the entire month. There are no drop-ins, and costs are not prorated for any reason (including shorter months due to holidays). 

How do I enroll my student in these programs?
All families interested in participating in Extended Day programs must complete registration via EZ Child Track. Initial enrollment must be completed at a computer (mobile devices will not support initial enrollment. However, subsequent account maintenance can be managed via these devices.)

All invoicing and payments will be handled through this system.

How do I remove my child from an Extended Day program?
Log into EZ Child Track by the 16th of the month preceding the month that you would like to cancel (i.e. in order to cancel services for October, the cancellation form must be submitted by September 16th) to prevent billing for the upcoming month. Families who do not change/cancel their services prior to invoicing will be billed for the upcoming month regardless of whether their child attends the program or not.

Does before/after-care operate if school is closed, delayed, or dismissed early?
No, these programs are not provided when there are school closures or holidays.

For delayed starts, before-care will not operate but after-care will. Programming is not provided when there are early school closures due to weather or emergencies.

Do you offer breakfast or snack?
Before-care does not offer breakfast. Breakfast is offered at the beginning of the regular school day. After-care offers a snack for all students once a day.



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