Policies and Procedures

Please refer to the handbook for a complete description of policies and procedures. 

Language Access

Center City students and their parents communicate in over eight different languages. We have developed this Language Access Plan to ensure appropriate translation and interpretation services for all families who are limited English proficient (LEP).

Language Access Plan-English
Language Access Plan-Spanish

Student-Family Handbook

Handbook Highlights

Attendance Policy
English: p. 33
Spanish: p. 22
Amharic: p. 33

Before/After Care FAQs
English: pp. 37-39
Spanish: pp. 52-54
Amharic: p. 33

Eighth-Grade Promotion
English: p. 18
Spanish: p. 21
Amharic: p. 18

Family Engagement and Communication
English: p. 27
Spanish: pp. 38-39
Amharic: p. 28

Inclement Weather
English: p. 40
Spanish: pp. 55
Amharic: p. 40

Student Code of Conduct/Behavior Expectations
English: pp. 19-23
Spanish: pp. 22-23
Amharic: p. 18

Student Support
English: pp. 15-17
Spanish: p. 19
Amharic: p. 15


English: pp. 42-43
Spanish: pp. 57-59
Amharic: pp. 42



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