Policies and Procedures

Please refer to the handbook for a complete description of policies and procedures. 

Language Access

Center City students and their parents communicate in over eight different languages. We have developed this Language Access Plan to ensure appropriate translation and interpretation services for all families who are limited English proficient (LEP).

Language Access Plan-English
Language Access Plan-Spanish

Student-Family Handbook

Handbook Highlights

Attendance Policy
English: p. 33
Spanish: p. 22
Amharic: p. 33

Before/After Care FAQs
English: pp. 37-39
Spanish: pp. 52-54
Amharic: p. 33

Eighth-Grade Promotion
English: p. 18
Spanish: p. 21
Amharic: p. 18

Family Engagement and Communication
English: p. 27
Spanish: pp. 38-39
Amharic: p. 28

Inclement Weather
English: p. 40
Spanish: pp. 55
Amharic: p. 40

Student Code of Conduct/Behavior Expectations
English: pp. 19-23
Spanish: pp. 22-23
Amharic: p. 18

Student Support
English: pp. 15-17
Spanish: p. 19
Amharic: p. 15


English: pp. 42-43
Spanish: pp. 57-59
Amharic: pp. 42




Applying to Center City PCS is easy! We do not have admission criteria and welcome all families who are interested in our programs. We invite students for grades PreKindergarten (4 years old) to 8th grade to apply at MySchoolDC.org.


Center City's teachers are dedicated to developing the whole child through a rigorous, character-infused academic program. Find out if you are ready to become a Center City teacher.


Every child deserves a quality education and we strive to provide small, safe family environments that are conducive to learning. Your donation helps to ensure we are nurturing and developing the next generation of leaders.

Congratulations to @CenterCityShaw! We're extremely proud of our students and we can't wait to see your design at the parade! #centercitystrong #CenterCityPCS

Great to tour Cedar Hill today – home to Frederick Douglass— with future leaders from @CenterCityPCS! Every day, we strive to remember the sacrifices of patriots like Douglass & rededicate ourselves to their noble cause of freedom, equality & justice https://t.co/w8qVpayxSd

Ready to join our All Star Team? Center City PCS is hiring for the 2019-2020 School Year! Check out all of our available positions for next year and for immediate hire here: https://t.co/L3upH26jPU
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In the last couple of years, @CenterCityPCS Trinidad has embraced an arts initiative. Check out how it's transformed in our Nov 2018 newsletter: https://t.co/ZPro6uZczg #TransformationTuesday

All Center City PCS campuses and offices will be closed for February Break from February 18 through February 22.

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