Safe Passage

Safe Passage is when schools, community-based organizations, and members of law enforcement, government agencies, and neighborhood volunteers come together, and stand at various posts to ensure that all students or all ages can travel to and from school safely.

How it Works

Supporters are strategically located along highlighted Safe Passage routes tailored by each school. These routes factor in each school’s community, modes of travel students partake in, and arrivals and dismissal times.

The Impact

This effort has shown that Safe Passage keeps students safe during their daily commutes, reducing criminal activities, and promoting attendance at supported schools.

The Expansion

While they are schools that execute Safe Passage themselves, in collaboration with each neighborhood, and community-based organizations, MPD and MTPD, we need every school to thoughtfully map the safest route for their students, as well as engaging and growing the number of community residents and leaders, to ensure student safety as they travel to and from school by Manning The Block.

Safe Passage Through the Eyes of Our Students
Safe Passage Through the Eyes of Our Students
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View the Safe Passage Interactive Map

Plan your route to school with this map combining Public Schools, Safe Passage Priority Areas, DDOT Crossing Guard locations, and more.

Safe Passage Events

For Schools

We envision a community where all students across the District are able to arrive at school and home safely, each day.

The resources in this section will help students learn to positively interact with others and constructively respond to life situations in and outside of school buildings. By building their individual character traits, students are offered the opportunity to grow their social-emotional learning, while school culture improves.

Keeping all students safe, not just those that attend my school, safe and secure is my highest priority.

— Niya White, Principal at Center City PCS - Congress Heights campus


For the Community

As a safe passage DC priority area, the Congress Heights community plays an important role in ensuring the safety of students each day. The resources in this section are to empower our community partners in their daily commitment to a Safe Passage for Ward 8 students.

Become A Safe Passage Leader in Congress Heights!


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