bring food security to center city students today

Providing food to our students is an urgent need
Center City has hundreds of students counting on us to ensure they are fed each day. With 50% of our campuses located in communities that have an extended history of racial and economic disparities, food deserts are right at the top of the list.  “Unfortunately, many of our students and their families were already struggling to pay for food prior to surviving a pandemic, and for some, the struggle has diminished an already bleak quality of life.” A struggle that Trinidad Campus Principal, Brandy Tyson witnesses firsthand and is determined to change.

An innovative solution
Center City currently has a unique partnership with Breadcoin, an innovative program to bring food security to our students and their families. Currently, our Brightwood and Trinidad campuses use Breadcoin tokens to provide hunger solutions for our students and to incentivize things that enhance and enable learning like punctuality, attendance, and behavior.

We urgently need your help in providing more Breadcoin tokens to our students to normalize the importance of nutrition for low-income and minority residents.

Breadcoin provides a physical token for food that can be redeemed for fresh food in our local neighborhoods. Local vendors accept Breadcoin as payment, providing a solution for food insecurity and hunger that is currently impacting our students and their families.

How you can join us in the fight against hunger
Our goal is to raise $10,000 by August 31st and together, we will put Breadcoins directly into the hands of Center City students in need and make an even greater impact on their lives.

Click here to donate today and together we will reach our goal and change the lives of Center City students.

WAYS TO Support Center City PCS YEAR ROUND

While per-pupil funding pays for operating expenses, Center City PCS raises funds to provide our students with enriching learning experiences outside of the school day, such as camping trips, instrumental music lessons, and service-learning field trips. These experiences deepen our students’ learning and make instruction more meaningful.

Donate via PayPal

Center City is soliciting donations of all types to make it possible to continue this important work. Click the donate button below to make a private and secure donation via PayPal.

Donate via Mail

Checks and money orders made payable to Center City Public Charter Schools should be mailed Attn: Development to 900 2nd St. NE, Suite 221; Washington, DC  20002.

Donate In-Kind Gifts

We are also grateful for in-kind gifts such as the following:

  • School supplies
  • Office furniture
  • Classroom furniture
  • Library books
  • Food for parent nights and/or school celebrations
  • Gift certificates for teacher appreciation

Call us at 202-589-0202 or email us to arrange an in-kind donation.

Center City Public Charter Schools is tax-exempt under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions made to CCPCS are deductible charitable contributions to the extent permitted by §170 of the Internal Revenue Code. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 may affect your ability to deduct charitable contributions as itemized deductions in 2018 and subsequent years. We recommend you consult your tax advisor for details.

CCPCS will return to in person learning for sy 2021-22

Center City PCS classes will return to in-person learning on August 9, 2021. Click below to stay updated on our reopening plans. 

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Our Mission

Empower our students for lifelong success by building strong character, promoting academic excellence, and generating public service throughout Washington D.C.

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