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Common Lottery

The My School DC common lottery is a single, random lottery that determines placement for new students at all participating schools. Student-school matches are based on the number of spaces at each school; sibling, proximity, and other preferences; and each student’s choices. (Through the My School DC common lottery, the six DCPS specialized high schools admit students based on specific criteria.)

Center City PCS offers preferences for students transferring between Center City PCS campuses (highest preference), siblings of current students (second highest preference) and siblings of accepted students (third highest preference). We do not offer any other preferences.

Why have a common application and common lottery?

The common application and common lottery are designed to accomplish the following goals:

  • Maximize the number of students who are matched with a school they choose. No student will be offered more than one space, so more students will be matched with schools.
  • Match students with the schools they want most. My School DC will try to match each student with their 1st choice, then their 2nd choice, and so on through the student’s list.
  • Simplify the process for families.

Application for Admission

DC resident students (see residency verification guidelines) are eligible to attend our schools for free. Where space is available, non-resident students may attend, but will pay state regulated tuition to Center City PCS. Applications must be completed by a parent or legal guardian.

This is the fourth year that Center City Public Charter Schools will be part of the My School DC common application and lottery. Center City will only accept the My School DC application.

Common Application

The My School DC common application is a single online application you must use to apply for:

  • Participating public charter schools (PK3–12)
  • DCPS out-of-boundary schools (K–12)
  • All DCPS PK3 and PK4 programs
  • DCPS specialized high schools (9–12)

With the new common application, families must rank order their school choices using the list of participating schools. Each child will only receive one offer of admission in the lottery. If Center City PCS is your family’s first choice, you should rank order the Center City PCS campus that you would like your child to attend FIRST.

Central Office

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